weekend specials!

hello pattycake blog readers! hope you had a nice week! here are some of the treats we have for this weekend!

Are you on a gluten free or sugar free diet? Our truly amazing raw cheesecake is gluten free and has no sugar added. This week we topped them with organic blueberries too! We also have agave sweetened cupcakes with agave icing that are safe for diabetics or anyone on a sugar free diet!

raw cheesecake topped with organic blueberries

raw cheesecake topped with organic blueberries

Our cake by the slice this weekend is one of my favorites, the german chocolate cake. the icing on this is amazing! 

As always, saturday we will be baking our famous amazing

melt in your mouth sticky buns! Stop by and get one to go with your morning coffee or tea. 

Don’t forget we are still excepting submissions for the t-shirt contest:http://pattycakebakery.wordpress.com/2009/03/15/t-shirt-design-contest/

Also, next weekend is the rad dog/sticky challenge. If you are able to eat any type of rad dog and then follow that up with a sticky bun we will take your pic for the wall of fame!

have a great weekend!

xo sarah + pattycake

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